Learn how to transform your business to thrive in a changing world.

Adapt. Invent. Thrive.

There comes a time when we recognize that the current trajectory of our product, our company, our lives, or even the world is not ideal. It’s at those times when we must courage, imagination, and skills to pivot. Whether your product is failing to get traction, your market is shrinking, AI is replacing your job, your company is becoming stagnant, or you personal life is in a rut, the answer is the same: Pivot. Use innovative thinking to invent yourself into a better position, and a better life. The Innovation Pivot is a place to:

  • Get inspiration and stay motivated to push through the obstacles riddling the road to success

  • Gain knowledge on how to build innovation into your organization and your life

  • Exercise your innovation muscles and train the innovator’s mindset. Practice makes perfect.

  • Find help to transform your own business and products.

Why Innovate?

To change the world. Human history is a story of progress, marked by inventions that fundamentally changed the experience of being human. From the invention of language to agriculture, industrialization, the internet, and yes, even, tik tok, it is the innovators that have driven the rapid change in our society. Nothing is more important to human progress than the development and practice of the innovator’s mindset. The ability to look at problems in a new way and to believe they can be solved is the ultimate superpower endowed upon humans. Let us use it well.

I’m not sure I’m an Innovator..

You can be. Do you hunger for a life or a world better than the one you live in now? Do you delight in the beauty of a new thought or perspective? Do you have an open mind? If you have the desire and the commitment, then take that first step, subscribe now, and BE an INNOVATOR.

Wait, who are you?

I’m Eric Liu. You can read my full career journey, but the TLDR:

  • SIXTEEN: years developing new products at Palm, HP, Google X, and Google

  • THIRTY-FIVE: patents granted, over 90 filed

  • THIRTY: new businesses incubated as Product Lead for Google X new business incubator

  • ONE HUNDRED MILLION: kids served as GPM for Google Assistant for Kids

  • FIVE: large companies aligned to launch an innovative kids reading experience (Google, Nest, Walmart, Disney, and Penguin Random House

  • TWO:  books written, a well reviewed science fiction novel about Climate Change and a political kids picture book

  • TWO:  non-Ivy League schools (MIT/Stanford) attended

  • SEVEN:  songs composed, including my wedding vows

  • SEVEN: dances choreographed for the fusion dance troupe decadance

  • ONE: series of NFT art created

My Mission is to relentlessly create a steady stream of works that inspire others to look at the world in new and insightful ways, enabling them to take action to change the world.


  • technology can change the world

  • in working smarter, not harder

  • in believing in people

  • in change as a constant

  • that optimism is the pragmatic choice

  • in learning, creating, and aiding

Want direct help with performing an innovation pivot? Contact me at eric at productmaestro dot com

or through LinkedIn

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Eric HC Liu is an R&D and Product Management professional, science fiction novelist, dance choreographer and father. He has filed over 90 patents and is passionate about how technology can shape and improve the world.